Shkodra Digital Weekend
2nd Edition


Shkodra Digital Event
2nd Edition |

Shkodra Digital Event includes 2-day activities with where the focus are young people. Conceived in the form of the Student Conference (topic presentation – day 1) and Global Digital City Shkoder (workshop – day 2), this event aims to offer different opportunities for young people, in terms of practical knowledge, as well as information and approximation with the real demands of the labor market.

All of us have to find concrete ways to keep our youth in Albania. Support to create jobs and SMEs [small and medium-sized enterprises], contributing to increase skills and support to young people’s involvement in decision-making processes.

Creating mechanisms for cooperation between government, business, and universities is important for stimulating inflow of outside talent and removing structural barriers.

This event

If you are a student of the Economics Faculty Shkoder or you have finished your studies and you will gain knowledge in the topics: Project Management, Marketing or Data Analytics, be part of the unique event in one of the most beautiful Albanian cities.

In our Shkodra, opportunities don’t happen we create them.

This activity took place in the premises of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Shkodra, where students were equipped with participation certificates, awards at the end of the conference, as well as the opportunity to complete the training program for some of the participating youth in workshops.

How it works

Global Digital City

Those selected from the training groups had the opportunity to continue the training program further.

The anticipated period for the development of the activity: December 6 and 7, 2022

Student Conference,

Date 06.12.2022, where the topics of former students will be presented, which will be evaluated with awards by a selected jury.

Global Digital City Shkoder

Date 07.12.2022, a seminar dedicated to acquiring knowledge in the fields of Project Management, Marketing, and Data Analysis by young people.

Venue Premises of the Faculty of Economics

Organized by:

The Faculty of Economics in collaboration with ABSL Albania, the Employment Directorate, other faculties of UNISHK,

businesses at the regional and wider scale.

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