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Startup, Innovate, Connect, Share Knowledge, Grow Your Business !

Startup, Innovate, Connect, Share Knowledge, Grow Your Business!

Global Digital City is an initiative taken by Albanian Business Services Association, https://absa.al/ that aims at benefitting the modern citizen across various cities in Albania and in the Balkans by raising awareness and disseminating information about all the options and possibilities that the digital era is capable of generating.

Its purpose is to prevent “brain drain” and develop local communities in Albania and in the region by introducing digitalization, employment opportunities and startup support.

Startup projects are blossoming across the world. They are increasingly coming to attention as a complex and practical solution to long-term problems, including but not limited to the business sector. Both, founders and investors are assembling teams of young ingenious entrepreneurs and relying on them to put forth strategies that improve the next generation’s lifestyle and help it make more market- conscious choices.

Digital events are more than convenient for startups in Albania and Balkan, not only in the financial sense. Sure, they weigh less on their budget, but they are also quite generous in the number of opportunities they present for these new businesses. Plainly put, startups can hardly survive the highly competitive business world without the constant virtual support of digital events and experiences. That’s why we bring Global Digital City to many Albanian cities and to the whole Balkan region.

We believe that only digitalization and technology can make us stronger competitors in the global market.

In the context of the global situation created by COVID- 19, Shkodra Digital Weekend will be virtually developed, because we believe that what might seem as an obstacle is actually an opportunity in disguise!

Through this new format, Global Digital City aims to test once again the impact of digitalization on our lives and how we can improve them. Digitalization is the future! We want everyone to be part of this digital and innovation space in Albania and beyond, there’s no limit!

With this digital event, Shkodra will be present in all cities simultaneously.

In accordance with the broad dissemination of the content of Shkodra Digital Weekend, Global Digital City gets the opportunity to propose an international panel too, which is expected to be interesting and relevant for everyone living and working in our region. In the afternoon, five international guests will discuss visions and opportunities for local communities and entrepreneurs in Albania and West Balkans.

Aiming at creating the most favorable and competitive ecosystem in Albania, the City of Shkodra is virtually hosting Shkodra Digital Weekend. Deeply anchored in the public and private sectors, the Forum is the first event serving this role, bringing together the countries’ foremost CEOs, policy-makers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators, and representatives of civil society in an impartial space with the aim of driving positive change.

Shkodra Digital Weekend – will tackle challenges and present opportunities!

Focused on achieving our social and economic goals and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that our region can actively participate in the new digital/economic era by making the most of the region’s competitive advantages and keeping up the sustained commitment towards participating and competing in the global market.

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