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Bardha Qirezi

BARDHA QIREZI: holds PhD degree in Political science and Sociology and an MA Degree in Adult Learning and Development from National University of Ireland in Galway. Her study focused on education, sociology of education and international education. Her research specialization is programme evaluation, learning identity and transformative learning in the context of study abroad experience.

Dr. Qirezi has devoted her career to becoming a specialist in higher education. She has worked as a lecturer, a quality assurance officer, an international relations manager over the past 17 years. Notably, she has experience working for the public sector and private sector, including University of Pristina, and the Department of Culture, United Nations in Kosovo and Riinvest College. Ms. Qirezi has a remarkable depth of experience and expertise in strengthening the Kosovar higher education system. She is designated as member of Higher Education Reform Experts (HERE) team by the Ministry of Education Science and technology and the National Erasmus+ Offices in Kosovo and EU Delegation in Kosovo in January 2020.