/  Florenca Haxhi

Florenca Haxhi

PhD and Researcher of Public Policy, and a Senior Public Official who covers the areas of economic development, national strategic programming and regional cooperation. She has been the national coordinator for country’s strategic framework, responsible for overseeing, as well as participating in the preparation of the National Strategy for Development and Integration. She has been leading the drafting process of a number of Sector and Cross-Cutting National Strategies, mostly in the field of Justice and Home Affairs, Rule of Law and Democratization, Anti-corruption, Land, etc. She currently holds the position of the Director General of the Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, at the Prime Minister’s Office, and is responsible of drafting a number of National Development Programs in different sectors of the economy which are translated into concrete executable national strategic projects with a direct impact to the country’s economic growth. Some of the National Programs she is in charge of drafting are: the National Program for Startups and Innovation, the National Program on Industrial Development, the National Program on Blue Economy, etc. She is also the Program Manager of the Regional Economic Area and its Action Plan, since its creation with the focus of developing and transforming the Western Balkans region into an economic area where goods, services, people and knowledge move without borders. She is responsible for coordinating work with the relevant national and regional stakeholders involved in this process, as well as the European Commission and the Regional Cooperation Council, to ensure a successful implementation of measures under the Multiannual Action Plan, propose new regional initiatives and contribute towards the drafting and signing of regional agreements. She has represented Albania in a number of regional high level meetings and conferences. She is also a senior lecturer of Project Management and Public Finance, at university (Bachelor and Master’s) level.