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Fiordi Pernaska

Fiordi Pernaska is an entrepreneur, businessman and innovator. His companies are pioneers in the application of additive manufacturing processes in the realisation of final products, mainly in fashion and design, holding several patents on this regard. He is the cofounder and CEO of VIP TIE, a fashion brand offering a unique fully custom 3D PRINTED & HAND CRAFTED gentleman’s luxury accessories, He is also the co-founder of 3B ARMY, a dynamic innovative 3D Printing company, a point of reference in technological innovation of production processes with a vast culture in 3D Modeling & Additive Manufacturing. Moreover, Fiordi serves as the Chairman of the fashion brand ONUS, which was established by his great grand father in 1927 in Tirana. Fiordi is a frequent speaker at national and international conferences, with a focus in innovation and additive manufacturing. He is also active in mass media, through his participation in various national talk shows. He is highly involved in the expansion of additive manufacturing innovative production technologies in the global fashion industry.