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Shkodra Digital Weekend - Virtual Event ...

In the context of the global situation created by Covid 19, Shkodra Digital Weekend will be virtually developed, because we believe that any obstacle can turn into an opportunity! Through this new format, Global Digital City aims to test once again the impact of digitalization on our lives and how we can improve them. Digitalization is the future! With this digital event, Shkodra will be present in all cities simultaneously.

Aiming at creating the most favorable and competitive ecosystem in Albania the City of Shkodra is virtually hosting Shkodra Digital Weekend. Deeply anchored in the public and private sectors, the Forum is the first event serving this role, bringing together the countries’ foremost CEOs, policy-makers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators and representatives of civil society in an impartial space with the aim of driving positive change.
Shkodra Digital Weekend - will tackle challenges and present opportunities!
Focused on achieving our social and economic goals and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we believe that our region can actively participate in the new digital/economic era by making the most of the region’s competitive advantages and keeping up the sustained commitment towards participating and competing in the global market.

Shkodra Digital Weekend is aiming at :

Brand Awareness. Through the Global Digital City platform, with various activities we aim to raise awareness of successful digital brands. There will be speakers and promotion from these brands.
Local business diversification. This initiative aims to raise awareness on the hidden potentials of Albanian cities and to further invest in these areas. By benefiting a diversification of existing businesses and improving the local economy in Albania.
New businesses. Through a different market in different cities, it is aimed with the help of digitalization to explore the maximum potential of the cities of Albania by creating and developing new businesses in these areas.
Encouraging young entrepreneurs. Emancipation of young entrepreneurs will be realized through education and training of young people with great potential in the field of entrepreneurship and start-ups.
Youth Education. Through the platform we aim to provide employment and training opportunities for young people from different cities of Albania.
Success Stories & Testimonials. People will get motivation from entrepreneurs in the specific fields, who have developed their business through digital skills and through their concrete and current examples of success.
Want to be part of the largest innovation and digitalization activity for Shkodra, but virtually worldwide, wherever you are?

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Conference Schedule

Digital Skills .

Below you can find the conference schedule for the Digital Skills section.
April 11, 2020

Digital Skills Pt. 1

10:30 - 10:35

Arjodita Mustali, Vigàn Group, Event; Purpose; Daily Program; Acknowledgments

10:35 - 10:45

Voltana Ademi, Mayor of Shkoder City , iShkodra

10:46 - 10:50

Kushtrim Shala, Co-founder, ICTSmedia

10:51 - 10:55

Ersenilda Elezi, Deputy Executive Director of

April 11, 2020

Digital Skills Pt. 2

10:56 - 11:05

Albana Laknori, General Secretary, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana

11:06 - 11:16

Agi Haxhimurati, Designer, Agi Haxhimurati Ltd

11:17 - 11:27

Marco Cappellini, Co-founder, Centrica




April 11, 2020

Digital Skills Pt. 3

11:28 - 11:59

Themes:Technical skills and Creativity are not enough. Creating a district for Digital Marketing & Digital Advertising.
Arnisa Lushaj , Architect , Impuls&Co
Dorjan Vulaj, Senior UI/UX Designer, Max.Al
Dritan Pecini, Founder ,
Eng. Bledar Lahi, Ceo ,Infiniti Promotion
Gentian Ferhati, Executive at Premium Media

12:00 - 12:10

Mirela Sula , Founder, Global Woman Club

12:10 - 12:20

Gerti Boshnjaku, Ceo New Media Group & Business Mag Albania

12:20 - 12:30

Bardha Qirezi, Rector at Riinves College

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Big Revolution in times of Corona , Axcelerator & StartUps

iTempus Event .

Below you will find the schedule for the iTempus event section of the conference.
April 11, 2020

iTempus Event Pt. 1

12:35 - 12:55

Panel – Entrepreneurship support organization in the COVID-19 time

Kushtrim Shala, Uplift Albania
Sara Usinger, International Specialist at EU for Innovation
Arlind Haxhijaj,Co-Founder at Coolab Albania
Arjan Ymeri, Officina
Anisa Berisha, UK – Albania Tech Hub Project Officer

April 11, 2020

iTempus Event Pt. 2

12:55 - 13:15

Panel – Adapting startup strategies in a time of crisis

Juxhin Radhima,CEO at IPERVOX – Amazon #Alexa Champion StartUp Uplift Albania
Fatjon Gjata, Plexus, StartUp Uplift Albania
LisianRoseni,  BtC-Team, DDA, Hackathon Hack The Crisis Albania
Lolita Ndoci, Co-Founder & CEO of Koni Solutions Start Up- Uk Techhub
Elona Kule, Entrepreneur & Co-Founder,

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Conference Schedule

Digital Economy .

Below you will find the schedule for the Digital Economy section of the conference.
April 11, 2020

Digital Economy Pt. 1

14:00 - 14:05

Arjodita Mustali, Event Second Part : Purpose; Daily Program; Acknowledgments

14:05 - 14:10

Fatlum Nurja,Senior Expert on Local Governance, Helvetas

14:10 - 14:20

Prof.Dr. Ilir Çapuni, Founder ,

14:20 - 15:30

David Felsen, PHD, Vice Rector, Epoka University

April 11, 2020

Digital Economy Pt. 2

14:30 - 15:05

Panel – A district for Digital Economy: education, enabling infrastructure, and start-up acceleration. – Moderator: Arjodita Mustali

Dr. Florensa Haxhi, Director General,  Development Programs and Cooperation Unit, Prime Minister’s Office
Edmond Hajrizi, Founder and President of UBT, Kosovo
Ori Hoxha, Co-founder of  AlphaPlan Organization, Silicon Valley
Elton Domnori, Vice Dean at Computer Science Faculty, Metropolitan University

April 11, 2020

Digital Economy Pt. 3

15:10 - 15:59

Panel – Albania & Western Balkans. Visions and opportunities for local communities and entrepreneurs. – Moderator: Arjodita Mustali

Manrico Murzi, Major Italian Poet
Avv. Alberto Improda, Studio Improda
Dott. Filippo Natoli, Mays International
Dott. Giancarlo Vinacci, Vinacci Think Tank
Prof. Aristide Fausto Massardo, Rolls Royce UTC.
Ing. Filippo Queirolo, Da Vinci Foundation, Organising Committee

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