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This association embraces the innovative ideas aiming to provide an opportunity and a starting base for the young entrepreneurs to learn and improve the necessary skills so they can work independently set up their business or they can fit to the market new professions requests.
Our goal is to encourage and develop management teams and leaders in order to build established, valued enterprises so they can achieve their overall objectives and visions.
Over the past few decades, global industries not only have faced technological changes that have led to opportunities such as greater flexibility, reactivity and product individualization, but also have presented diverse challenges such as rapid technological change, increased complexity and changing customer preferences and legal requirements. With advances in technology, finance and communications changing the world landscape, the barriers to entry have never been more manageable. No wonder that more and more people are opting for an alternative to the “traditional” career.
Global digital city is an association that aims to build awareness and inform about the opportunities the digital era is offering worldwide.

On March the 21st

Shkodra Digital Weekend

Become part of the most innovative weekend in our beautiful city. #shkodradigitalweekend

25 January 2020

Korca Digital Weekend

Check out our last event in Korca #korcadigitalweekend

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